Earn money by referrals

Would you like to earn money or credit by sharing with your friends and other companies about our News API? Send a prospect to us and we'll reward you if they subscribe to our services.

What is the referral program?

The referral program is a way in which you can earn money by simply referring to us new clients. Using this program, we all gain something:

You: For each client that subscribes after you refer them to us, you will earn 10% of the price of the plan they subscribe to. This is not a one-time fee - you will earn this amount each month as long as they are subscribed.

The new client: They will also be motivated to use your referral since they will also get a 10% discount on the plan that they choose to subscribe to. Their discount is also something that is permanent and will be applied each month.

Referral program image

How does it work?

To participate in the referral program, you first have to create a News API account. If you don’t have one, you can create it here.

Once you have the account, visit the dashboard, where you can get the custom URL to our News API landing page, which will also include your referral ID. By opening this URL, your referral ID will be stored as a cookie in the browser and if the visitor at any later point decides to become our customer, you would be considered as their referrer.

As long as you have one or more referrals with an active subscription, you'll be earning referral credit on a monthly basis. If you’re our customer, this credit will automatically be automatically applied as a discount for your own invoices. If you’re not our customer, the credit will simply be stored on your account and you can convert that to money by issuing us an invoice.


Can I publish the url with my referral ID somewhere online?

Yes, you can easily share the link on any website or social media channels that you potentially find relevant.

I’ve just referred a new client. How come the earned credit is small?

When a new client subscribes, their final cost of the plan for the first month will depend on the actual number of tokens that they will make. If they use a small number of tokens, the cost in the first month will be lower and your referral credit will also be correspondingly lower. As they will be using their available tokens, your credit will also increase.

Note that this kind of progressive credit increasing only happens in the first month. For all the following months the plan will cost the full price and you will receive the full referral credit.

Can I also get a discount if I unsubscribe and then subscribe through a referral?

Unfortunately not. The referral discount is only available for new clients. Just subscribing with a different email address will not work.

It is also not possible to refer your own company.

If we detect a scam or an account manipulation in order to receive the discount or the referral credit, we hold the right to void the referral.

How do I get paid the referral credit on my account?

Once you have at least 1.000$ of referral credit on your account, your company can issue us an invoice that we can pay. In order to reduce the frequency of the invoices, you can only issue one invoice per quarter (we even prefer one every 6 months if possible).

What happens if the client changes the plan size?

If the client changes the plan size, the referral credit that you will earn will change accordingly, so that it will be 10% of the new plan price.

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