Market Intelligence

Artificial intelligence by News API delivers an informative second layer of news processing, enabling firms to gain additional insights and better understand which news is significant for executing a given strategy.

News data

Strategically significant events detection

Speed is essential for different market strategies. But thousands of articles appear every day and financial firms often require additional context to react appropriately. Not every event is as important to your firm’s strategy as the next. And not every event hits the media in the exactly same way.

As quantitative strategies become even more complex, firms need to augment the content of breaking stories with contextual details that help differentiate mundane items from significant, market-moving events.

Automated company screening

News articles are unstructured and there are a lot of them generated daily. Structured and labeled news data allows users to control companies' news effects and create innovative risk screening applications.

Named-entity detection helps to sort through the noise and identify relevant signals from hundreds of thousands of companies, government organizations, places, currencies, and commodities.

Advanced filtering automatically eliminates false positives and gets you alerts on relevant events and topics covering corporate, economic, societal, environmental, and political issues.

Sentiment analysis

It is difficult to understand whether the news is perceived by the market as positive or negative, whether the story is relevant to a company and whether the story is new or recycled.

Sentiment derived from news offers a measure of market opinion and is most commonly used to create a time series of buy/sell signals using the ratio of positive-to-negative news, occasionally also incorporating news volume.

When leveraging quantitative processes to perform NLP on news, the sentiment analysis can serve as a short-term signal for traders, offering the ability to act on information before the market can react.

Advanced market news analytics

Save time and increase productivity with well-structured metadata from our cleaned and labeled datasets to help you leverage outside insights and increase the accuracy of your data outputs. News as an alternative market data source can support advanced analytics initiatives such as:

  • Data/text mining
  • Machine learning and NLP
  • Forecasting and predictive analytics
  • Pattern matching and trend spotting Visualizations
  • Semantic and sentiment analysis
  • Network and cluster analysis including graph analysis
  • Complex event processing
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