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Media monitoring

Do you need to track mentions of people, companies, products, locations and other things of interest in the media? You can use our API to find news articles, blog posts and PR content that mentions them as soon as they are published online.

Contextual News for Enhanced Market Strategies

Speed is essential for different market strategies. But thousands of articles appear every day and financial firms often require additional context to react appropriately. Not every event is as important to your firm’s strategy as the next. And not every event hits the media in the exactly same way.
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Extensive query options

There are millions of news articles written daily. When searching for content of interest you will need as many ways as possible to be able to reduce the information overload to just the right news items. Using our News API you will be able to search for articles and events using keywords, concepts, categories, sources, source locations, event locations, sentiment and many other options.

You can specify what you want to find as well as what you don’t want to see mentioned in the articles.

Entity detection

If you are frequently searching for things that are ambiguous, like Apple or Asana and get results that mention that word, but with a different meaning, then you should definitely make use of our entity detection and disambiguation. Instead of searching by keyword, you can search using concepts. Concepts are people, companies, locations and things that we are able to recognize and disambiguate in the articles.

Each concept has its own ID and you can use it in the search to get only the articles that specifically mention that concept.

Another advantage of using the concepts is that it will also search for synonyms (searching for IBM will also return articles that mention International Business Machines) and return articles in other languages, where the concept might be spelled differently.

Identification of events

Do you need to track the progress of your campaign? Do you need to see which sources reported about some campaign or relevant incident? News API is able to automatically find and group articles that are covering the same event. In this way, all the articles that are discussing the same topic are grouped into a unit that we call an event and you can use the API to search for events and retrieve all articles about a particular event, likely even in multiple languages.

Retrieving the events is perfect when you need to get a complete coverage of a particular incident or thing that happened. Instead of manually searching for related articles, you can find them all in one place.

Retrieve extensive article meta-data

When retrieving information about the articles, News API will provide you a very rich set of meta-data about each article. Depending on your use-case, this information can be critical in your further analysis of the articles.

Some of the returned details are provided by the news source and include article title, body, image, date of publication, author, url, source information, and mentioned external links and videos.

Additionally, we compute several properties, such as sentiment score, list of mentioned concepts and topics, number of shares of the article on different social media and the ID of the event, to which the article belongs.
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